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Pasta Paone was established in 1939, noting financial assets and intellectual values as well as a wealth of tradition and experience accumulated over the years. Pasta Paone has been manufacturing wheat flour products in the same location since 1878.

A factory previously existed as a small well-organized industrial business in the central part of Formia and therefore an exact date cannot be given to the founding of Pasta Paone that has long since entered into its second century of manufacturing. The facory in itself remains tied to its history and to the town of Formia, where there is a square named after the Knight of Work, Domenico Paone, who, in his days, built it at his own expense.

The more recent history of Pasta Paone is summed up in a long series of reconstruction work, extensions and modernizing, which as we mentioned started in 1878 but then continued into an initial reconstruction of the factory in 1918 and a second one in 1947 after the enormous destruction caused by the tragic events of World War II. As of today, the factory is undergoing and will continue to undergo further expansion and technological innovations.

Customer satisfaction has always been the main aim for the company and it is for this reason that today Pasta Paone guarantees a quality system that includes every single production process starting directly from the selection of high quality raw material..


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